We help you reach norwegian students

Here is How

See our placements below

Partner Page

The core of a partnership with us and our members. Offer your student discount here.

Sliding Banner

Be on the frontpage of both the website and app for all our members to see.

In-app Banner

Be visible on the front page or above the local discounts.

Push notification

Have your message sent directly to the students' phone.


Make sure your message is seen with a pop-up on our website.

Native Article

Interested in building deeper relationships? Post your content on our blog.

Social Media

Both paid and organic posting through our channels.


Reach our highly engaged email audience.


Promote your sales to a price sensitive and deal seeking audience.

Lets discuss how you can best reach students

Top of Mind

Increase Awareness

We tailor our offerings to your unique situation in the target group and deliver mass communication to all our members to increase your general awareness in the student segment.

Top of Pocket

High Conversion

Already top of mind? We deliver purchase ready traffic to your offerings. The students visit our site to purchase. 

Top skills

Best Practices

We help you test out and consult on different angles to reach the target group. When we have the angles, we test them and let the data decide on how to proceed.